Enter TRASSIR Cloud

What you get with TRASSIR Cloud service:

  • Cost savings.
    With TRASSIR Cloud system you save on servers, data storage and maintenance.

    All you need is video cameras. TRASSIR Cloud will take care of the rest.
    It is way cheaper than building your own system “in the field”. Avoid capital costs – you pay only a resonable monthly fee (operational expenses).
  • Control.
    24/7 automatic monitoring of all system components guaranties that your video surveillance always works as designed.
  • Reliability.
    Never miss anything. All your cameras “see” will be kept as long as needed. User-friendly search and video records management are organized in accordance with worldwide hi-tech standards.
  • Ease.
    Just connect your IP-camera to the internet and you can control it via any device (such as PC, tablet or smartphone) through a web-interface or TRASSIR professional client.

TRASSIR Cloud features

Video surveillance system health monitoring.

TRASSIR Cloud continuously inspects the operation of all devices connected to the surveillance system. The following parameters are tracked:

  • Cameras status;
  • Connection status;
  • HDD operation;
  • CPU Load;
  • Archive depth;
  • Network performance;
  • Database status;
  • Video server status;
  • Servers operation;
  • Other user-defined parameters.
Возможности TRASSIR Cloud


  • Support of unlimited number of IP-cameras and video servers.
  • Instant notification: e-mails or push notifications. You are always promptly informed about any of the following: cameras or other hardware malfunction, property trespassing, or even if someone intentionally closed the view of the camera. You can manage notification settings in your TRASSIR Cloud personal account.
  • Archive video storage with customizable archive depth. Video recording is activated by motion sensors: no motion – no recording – saved space and resources. Archive depth is controlled by adjustable storage time.
  • TRASSIR Cloud Connect – easily connect to your remote video surveillance devices.
  • Access your system from a mobile device or desktop. TRASSIR app brings you full control of your video surveillance system from a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop. Search and view your video records, manage your cameras and accessibility, connect new devices and even set up an online broadcast. TRASSIR mobile app is fully integrated with Android and iOS.
  • Motion sensor activated video recording to the Cloud (unlimited).
  • Export video archive to the file. Video archive is stored at the Cloud and can be downloaded to any device.
  • Video records access control.
  • Private Cloud installation. For large companies that require independent local-based video surveillance (no internet dependence).
  • User-friendly and practical search by date and time. Only motion-activated video episodes are recorded. No need to search through eventless records.
  • Double-stream archive record: main and sub stream. Stream back-up allows to save all data even with low-speed or unstable connection.
  • Video recording of selected channels.
  • Automatic notifications in case of malfunction or contingency.
  • Data privacy and security – all records are transferred and stored encoded.