TRASSIR ensures the safety of the largest apartment complex in Istanbul
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TRASSIR ensures the safety of the largest apartment complex in Istanbul


TRASSIR ensures the safety of the largest apartment complex in Istanbul

For a company that gained a well-deserved national recognition even a small installation outside the country of origin – is a small, but valuable victory. Building a giant surveillance system in a foreign country based on own-developed hardware is a definite breakthrough in the international market. And it’s TRASSIR that makes the world more secure and safe.

Tema Istanbul is an ultramodern apartment complex with extended infrastructure. It takes an area of 1.5 million square meters with accommodation for 16,000 people (more than 3500 apartments) making it the largest housing complex not only in Istanbul city, but also in the whole of Turkey. And now it’s safety is managed by professional IP video surveillance system developed by TRASSIR.

However, in this case it’s not only the progressive platform of CCTV that is hidden under TRASSIR set-up. The size and specifics of Tema Istanbul complex and variety of control zones required a special approach. Currently, the video surveillance of the complex is carried out with 160 IP-based cameras. The most important areas are monitored via SIMT intelligent detectors. Entry check points are equipped with AutoTRASSIR analytical modules that can scan and identify any Turkish license plate numbers. All collected data is translated to the central security post equipped with a number of LCDs. This video-wall allows the operator to monitor the entire area of the complex around-the-clock. The system includes TRASSIR Cloud self-diagnostics service which ensures that the operator will be immediately informed in case of any malfunctions or other issues.

TRASSIR software package has been installed by a large Turkish integrator and DSSL strategic partner in the region - Argonath Security Guvenlik ve Insaat ltd. Over the past year Argonath has successfully implemented many other equally complex TRASSIR projects in Turkey, but Tema Istanbul can be definitely considered the culmination of the joint venture. Commissioning operations took place in difficult conditions in 24/7 mode. And the final remarkable results are a clear indicator of Argonath professionalism!

The customer is completely satisfied with the ergonomics and TRASSIR extensive functionality. System scaling features provide unlimited possibilities in expansion of controlled areas of the complex. In the nearest future the number of channels will be increased to 800, thus making Tema Istanbul not only the largest, but also the safest apartment complex in Turkey.

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