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Keep everything under control with TRASSIR

Keep everything under control with TRASSIR

TRASSIR Software platform is an opportunity to arrange an intelligent network video surveillance which minimizes the need for human intervention. If you need to create a powerful integrated security system, TRASSIR will do it perfectly. After all, its functionality allows to solve even the most ambitious and difficult tasks.

One of an advantages of professional shell program is thorough reliability, transparency, exceptional networking opportunities and powerful resources for integration, advanced analytical services with the possibility of adding intelligent modules, flexibility and ease of operation.

Fundamental reliability is a key priority

Which technologies can ensure the reliability of TRASSIR software?

  • MultiStor proprietary technology stands for uniform video distribution on hard disks. Increased storage reliability is combined with significant performance gains what is particularly important when using multiple cameras and high-resolution. MultiStor also allows you to increase an effective depth of an archive, i.e. due to slight reduction of mainstream storage time in high resolution you can double or triple the depth of an archive in standard resolution. Now you can decide exactly which records to keep, how long and what quality must be provided.
  • Ability to combine MultiStor TRASSIR technology with RAID further increasing the reliability of archive integrity.
  • Unique technology TRASSIR MultiTask arranges separate process in the system for each network camera. Thus, instability of operation of one module does not affect functioning of the server.
  • Edge Storage which allows you to duplicate the video on flash drive. Thus, even if the connection breaks, recording will continue.
  • Free service for automatic cloud-based diagnostics TRASSIR Cloud available for TRASSIR. You will be informed of any malfunctions promptly, force majeure and alarms, and all your settings will be reliably duplicated on TRASSIR servers.
  • NetRec Technology acts as additional "safety cushion" in unexpected situations. Corresponding TRASSIR license allows you to combine multiple recorders to each other and then send copies of the video from selected cameras working with TRASSIR to each of them. Even if the recorder is defective, it will be possible to remove the video from another one.

Global networking opportunities

Global networking opportunities

Browse video archive in real time, manage functioning of all cameras and settings even if you are far away. MultiStream technology allows you to watch and record video online even with low-speed Internet or using a mobile connection.

Buying software TRASSIR, you will get free desktop clients for all major operating systems and mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. Moreover, TRASSIR is cross-browser system that allows you to choose easy web-client for any OS and browsers or heavy web-client specifically for FireFox with additional plug-ins and maximum opportunities.

The other main item is TRASSIR OS running under Linux, developed by DSSL team and focused on surveillance tasks and analysis exclusively. TRASSIR OS is characterized by minimum number of components, high reliability and reduced to zero threat of malware and human factor.

TRASSIR Video analytics. Serious potential for performance development

Extend built-in functionality according to your needs and activate additional modules for intelligent video analytics.

  • Use maximum SpeedDome cameras' capabilities using ActiveDome program which increases capturing speed by 20 times.
  • Add SIMT tracking detector to ActiveDome (ActiveDome+ system) and enjoy the benefits of "Smart view" which automatically tracks objects in motion.
  • Get license plate recognition, control time at parking lot and average speed using AutoTRASSIR.
  • Control cash transactions at banks and retail connecting TRASSIR ActivePOS with powerful intelligent analysis.

TRASSIR Professional Software can be easily integrated into current infrastructure of your project, so it can work out tasks of any complexity. Open architecture allows adapting TRASSIR to each specific system and creating professional security systems with lots of levels, integrating software with ATMs, access control systems, fire alarm systems, scales, currency counters, etc.

Ergonomics of the platform: TRASSIR is easy to deal with

TRASSIR interface is user-friendly: workspace can be easily adapted to the requirements of particular user. Built-in MultiSearch permits simultaneous viewing areas of recordings made at different times. ActiveSearch System (also included in TRASSIR software by default) will find the right event in the archive in a moment without loading the server. Burglar, smoke and fire detectors react to emergency situations without delay, and smoke detector will detect fire much earlier than fire detectors.

TRASSIR supports all cameras and file sizes

TRASSIR is fully compatible with 99.9% of IP-cameras presented on the world market including models with maximum resolution. The resulting image will have the degree of detail that you need. Recorders based on TRASSIR OS are fully compatible with drives of maximum volume existing on the market at present time. Therefore, there are no limitations on storage size: you can expand the files as large as your budget allows you.

Smart software TRASSIR Demo

In order to understand why TRASSIR had got serious reputation among specialists in the field of CCTV and personally test the full range of capabilities of the platform and add-on modules, please download demo of the software.

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Entry and exit control, average speed of vehicles and the time spent in the secured areas is easy to organize with assistance of AutoTRASSIR solutions.

Integration module enables multi-channel video surveillance system to work in connection with ACS (access control system) and fire alarm system by interacting with Orion Pro workstation of NPV Bolid. The resulting system with two-way exchange of information allows to improve security at the site forming a single security complex.

Object motion sensor. Traces objects in difficult weather conditions, selects the targets by movement behavior and direction, size, speed. Application: enhancement of TRASSIR software modules capabilities (ActiveDome +, ActiveSearch +, Kinetic Map).
Automatic control module for PTZ high-speed cameras (SpeedDome) without human intervention. Target detection and tracking based on predefined parameters. Includes TRASSIR ActiveDome and SIMT detector.
Solution for shopping malls, business centers, warehouses, stadiums and industrial facilities. Up to 20 times faster work of an operator in manual mode. ActiveDome always works in connection with at least two cameras: fixed overview video camera and rotary PTZ-camera. Quantity of these cameras is not limited.
Do you have a point of sale? Then you need TRASSIR ActivePOS! Automatically detects fraud of cashiers. ROI - 2 to 6 months.
Intelligent control of cash transactions
  • Support of 1C
  • Restaurants
  • Fast food outlets
  • Gas stations
  • Boutiques
  • Super- and hypermarkets
  • Events video control
    • integration with banknote counters
    • integration with warehouse systems and terminals

Are you tired of spending hours searching archive records? TRASSIR ActiveSearch - a unique technology, part of the basic structure of TRASSIR software — will stop it! Perform instant search in specified area of the frame or select the parameters (incl. optional detector SIMT) without additional load on system. The module works in connection with basic motion detector (general detector) or additional detector of object tracing (SIMT).

Advanced technology of archive search by predefined parameters (motion direction and pattern, object dimensions and speed, user-defined area of the image). ActiveSearch+ includes TRASSIR ActiveSearch module and SIMT intelligent detector.
The script-module for vehicle average speed metering and control on a specific road segment.
TRASSIR Client and Mobile Client is a network workstation to control TRASSIR VMS, to watch live video and video archive. TRASSIR Client is developed for all popular OS: Windows, Mac OS and Linux (TRASSIR OS), as well as for gadgets based on Android and iOS.
This module is designed for central monitoring allowing to monitor server condition and manage servers based TRASSIR OS / Windows. It provides remote operation with archive, live video.
Log of events, search for events and transition to the archive.
This module improves reliability of TRASSIR VMS.
Open fire detector based on video analysis.

Heat analysis makes it easier to detect quickly moving objects in the range of camera vision. System allows activity analysis and increases safety level in any facility. Dynamic mode helps to monitor current activity, and static mode that accumulates "heat" statistics for the specified period of time available.

TRASSIR Informer has been developed to send alarm messages (SMS or voice messages, email, sound notification, dry contact control etc.) if abnormal situation occured.
TRASSIR Intercom is a module developed to create integrated security systems based on TRASSIR VMS.
SIP softphone TRASSIR Intercom Concierge is a working place of concierge implemented in TRASSIR interface.

TRASSIR IP is professional software to connect one network camera via native/RTSP protocol. Up to 128 video channels on one server, TRASSIR software: distributed recording and control of the effective depth of the archive MultiStor, smart search in the archive ActiveSearch, MultiSearch, analytics, detectors supported. IP-cameras features supported: dual-stream, audio in both directions, Edge Storage, I/O, PTZ. Unlimited number of servers/clients.

Visitors movement analysis module. The module generates "kinetic" and "thermal" activity maps occurring in the camera’s field of view. The set is supplied complete with TRASSIR SIMT. Recommended for FishEye-cameras.
The module of simultaneous multi-event archive search (up to 7 events). The search can be executed for different time points with specified parameters (using the SIMT detector) or located in the selected area of the image. The module allows for quick screening of information using standard templates or retrieving data for a particular time interval. Low demands on your PC resources.
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