TRASSIR Active Dome Plus
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TRASSIR Active Dome Plus

TRASSIR Active Dome Plus

Automatic control module for PTZ high-speed cameras (SpeedDome) without human intervention. Target detection and tracking based on predefined parameters. Includes TRASSIR ActiveDome and SIMT detector.

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TRASSIR ActiveDome+ automatic control module for high-speed PTZ cameras is a powerful way to boost the efficiency of the PTZ-cameras. To zoom in, just click on the object or enclose an area of ​​interest right on the screen. Module requires a minimum of two cameras - an overview camera (one or more, viewing angles may overlap) that monitors the overall scene, and SpeedDome camera, that pans and zooms on the object of interest.

When bundled with SIMT intelligent detector (included), TRASSIR ActiveDome+ can operate without human intervention and automatically document events. SIMT multifunctional detector and motion tracker allows you to identify targets according to the specified parameters (size, speed and direction of travel, borders trespassing and distance traveled), analyze the movement, track path and follow the objects. The module is a versatile tool, introducing an intelligent automatic control and event logging in the vast and sparsely populated areas.

Any SpeedDome-camera connected through ONVIF protocol can work with ActiveDome+ without additional integrations.

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