Integration between TRASSIR and ARM «Orion Pro»
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Integration between TRASSIR and ARM «Orion Pro»

Integration between TRASSIR and ARM "Orion Pro"

Integration module enables multi-channel video surveillance system to work in connection with ACS (access control system) and fire alarm system by interacting with Orion Pro workstation of NPV Bolid. The resulting system with two-way exchange of information allows to improve security at the site forming a single security complex.

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Module of integration between TRASSIR and workstation «Orion Pro» (NVP "Bolid")

TRASSIR IP-Surveillance systems with the ability to record sound provide an opportunity for integration with ARM «Orion Pro» developed by NVP «Bolid». As a result, you will get an integrated solution for complete security system at facility with all elements: video surveillance system, fire alarm system and ACS (access control system) interacting.

What are the challenges integrated system can solve?

  • Operation in multi-channel video surveillance systems.
  • Collection, analysis, sending over the network, demonstration and registration of signals on current status of all alarm systems: fire, alarm, security.
  • Management and control of access.
  • Coordination of fire automation and building systems.

Integration of video surveillance and TRASSIR record and «Orion Pro» workstation makes it possible to carry out two-way exchange of information thus providing centralized security complex management.

Bilateral cooperation

On one hand, system of TRASSIR CCTV give signals to ARM «Orion Pro» on all current events:

  • reports on IP-cameras or motion detector on/off;
  • sends readings of motion detector in case of alarm;
  • sends information on whether the recording is being currently provided.

On the other hand, ARM «Orion Pro» also sends orders to CCTV system: according to the planned scenario or upon detection of event given by «DBA», which is part of ARM «Orion Pro». For example, if intrusion detector is triggered, «Orion Pro» will automatically deliver signal to enable video surveillance, and selected video channels will start to show and record what is happening. 

The basis for the interaction between TRASSIR CCTV system and ARM «Orion PRO» may be either a single computer or computer network. ARM «Orion Pro» supports simultaneous operation with large number of video servers on basis of TRASSIR. Thus, good opportunities for the formation of distributed security network and interconnected control over video content, audio recordings, fire alarm system and access control are provided.

Integration Module TRASSIR c ARM «Orion Pro»

Technology Key Features.

  • Motion detection and transmission of signal to ARM «Orion Pro».
  • Enable / Disable recording by agreement with ARM «Orion Pro».
  • Management of video channels demonstration on servers in accordance with plans of «Orion Pro».


How does TRASSIR integration module work?

To organize joint work between IP-surveillance and TRASSIR recording and ARM «Orion Pro», it is required to purchase a license on use of specified module and making relevant data in process of system configuration. ARM «Orion Pro» is supposed to be installed and TRASSIR cameras must be set in «DBA».

After module installation TRASSIR software configurations tree will be like this:

  • branch «Devices» will be displayed with subsections «Orion Pro» and «Configuration»;
  • branch «Orion Pro» will show information on status of connection to ARM «Orion Pro»;
  • in turn, section «Configuration» will show list of all channels connected to TRASSIR and correlated with network cameras in ARM «Orion Pro». Channels can be deleted or added to the list if needed.

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