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Object motion sensor. Traces objects in difficult weather conditions, selects the targets by movement behavior and direction, size, speed. Application: enhancement of TRASSIR software modules capabilities (ActiveDome +, ActiveSearch +, Kinetic Map).

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SIMT (Simple Intelligent Motion Trassir) detector allows to separate moving objects from the randomly moving background (which in most cases presents noise) based on speed, direction, size, volume, trajectory of the object and trespassing. System allows to filter off high interference such as swinging branches, snow, rain, slight camera jitter. Detector requires minimum of settings, it adapts to the actual working environment and generates reactions to alarm events according to predetermined criteria.

TRASSIR ActiveSearch in conjunction with SIMT (ActiveSearch +) allows for intelligent search in the archive based on given parameters. TRASSIR ActiveDome and SIMT (ActiveDome +) bundle is able to conduct automatic tracking of multiple targets without human intervention. Based on SIMT, TRASSIR Kinetic Map analyzes the movement of visitors, helping to optimize the business.

SIMT can be used for wealth protection (monitoring of objects disappearance). It can also serve as an aid in the anti-terrorist system. In the mode of automatic emergency situation fixation SIMT is able to easily detect a person fallen into a swoon, or running, where running is not typical.

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