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TRASSIR ActiveDome

Solution for shopping malls, business centers, warehouses, stadiums and industrial facilities. Up to 20 times faster work of an operator in manual mode. ActiveDome always works in connection with at least two cameras: fixed overview video camera and rotary PTZ-camera. Quantity of these cameras is not limited.

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TRASSIR ActiveDome is useful to control PTZ-cameras where it is necessary to control large areas and at the same time monitor who walks, drives, or doing something . You’ll get:

  • Simultaneous control. Browse a wide area, and get detailed records - PTZ-camera tracking moving objects on the territory (people, animals and cars)
  • Detailed records with guarantee:
    • 36-fold optical approximation will see in detail the moving objects: to fix people’s faces, license plate numbers and even who was behind the wheel
    • Video records archive, you can always find and view the desired record
  • Full control of your area of responsibility. Bundle of fixed and PTZ-cameras provides control of a large area with the necessary details. You always know what was going on in your territory.
  • 2 modes - manual and automatic
One mouse click and in real time: a guard right on the panoramic video from the fixed camera selects the moving objects - and they are immediately visible in detail in a nearby window from the PTZ camera
  • For a split second: the guard does not waste time on joystick work if he needs to transfer the camera’s field of view to another object or to change the zoom. He simply clicks on the review image in the right place and immediately see a person or car.
  • ActiveDome and high speed rotating cameras - up to 1 revolution per second with varifocal lenses with optical zoom, equivalent to 300 Mn (conventional cameras to 20-30 M) helps him to achieve it. 
  • For crowded places: manual mode is suitable for shopping centers, stadiums etc.
  • All moving objects under control: on the image from fixed camera video analytics detects objects and transmits their coordinates to the PTZ-camera thus it follows them. If there are several moving objects, TRASSIR ActiveDome keeps track of all them by rotation. PTZ-camera is following each object for 3 seconds by default (the following time can be adjusted).
  • Automatic objects tracking is provided by object tracking technology SIMT.
  • Savings: TRASSIR ActiveDome can operate completely independently - you can save on a monthly salary of the guard at the console. And the big number of fixed cameras can be replaced by a few PTZ-cameras.
  • To reduce the human factor - to a minimum: the camera will see and record that you may not notice (eg, multiple moving objects simultaneously)
  • In manual mode - at any time: you can always switch to the manual mode in second to see, for example, a person’s face or a car number
  • For non-crowded places: business centers, warehouses and industrial objects.

P.S. The solution for video surveillance over large areas TRASSIR ActiveDome effectively
  • video surveillance system of event monitoring TRASSIR for warehouses 
  • solution for parking, number plate recognition and speed control AutoTRASSIR
  • professional search technology in the archive ActiveSearch.


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