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The script-module for vehicle average speed metering and control on a specific road segment.

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AutoTRASSIR-200 AvgSpeed ​​module provides a means of measurement and control of vehicle average speed at specific road section. The module requires two cameras and two AutoTRASSIR-200 car license plate recognition modules (not included). The cameras are installed at the beginning and end points of the road segment with a known length. Vehicle license plate numbers are being identified when a car enters the field of view of each camera. Time points are registered with the passage of the first camera at the beginning of the road segment and with the passage of a second camera at the end of the road segment. The average speed is calculated using the length of the segment and the time of transit between two cameras. Based on gathered data a list of violators is formed that drove a controlled road section faster than the maximum permissible speed or slower than the minimum allowed speed. Generated reports are supported by screenshots made at the time of intersection of the control points and contain the date and time of transit. The results of speed monitoring can be used to prescribe fines and take other disciplinary measures. AutoTRASSIR supports government license plate templates of a number of countries. Identification of license plate numbers can be performed simultaneously on multiple road lanes for an unlimited number of cars (captured in camera field of view), including oppositely directed traffic. Also, a particular car can be traced in the screenshot and video archive. Supported features: transit logging, hierarchical classification of recognized license plate numbers by groups, integration with speed metering devices and integrated security systems, including access control equipment and security and fire alarm systems.

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