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Entry and exit control, average speed of vehicles and the time spent in the secured areas is easy to organize with assistance of AutoTRASSIR solutions.
Object motion sensor. Traces objects in difficult weather conditions, selects the targets by movement behavior and direction, size, speed. Application: enhancement of TRASSIR software modules capabilities (ActiveDome +, ActiveSearch +, Kinetic Map).
Automatic control module for PTZ high-speed cameras (SpeedDome) without human intervention. Target detection and tracking based on predefined parameters. Includes TRASSIR ActiveDome and SIMT detector.
Solution for shopping malls, business centers, warehouses, stadiums and industrial facilities. Up to 20 times faster work of an operator in manual mode. ActiveDome always works in connection with at least two cameras: fixed overview video camera and rotary PTZ-camera. Quantity of these cameras is not limited.
Do you have a point of sale? Then you need TRASSIR ActivePOS! Automatically detects fraud of cashiers. ROI - 2 to 6 months.
Intelligent control of cash transactions
  • Support of 1C
  • Restaurants
  • Fast food outlets
  • Gas stations
  • Boutiques
  • Super- and hypermarkets
  • Events video control
    • integration with banknote counters
    • integration with warehouse systems and terminals

Are you tired of spending hours searching archive records? TRASSIR ActiveSearch - a unique technology, part of the basic structure of TRASSIR software — will stop it! Perform instant search in specified area of the frame or select the parameters (incl. optional detector SIMT) without additional load on system. The module works in connection with basic motion detector (general detector) or additional detector of object tracing (SIMT).

Advanced technology of archive search by predefined parameters (motion direction and pattern, object dimensions and speed, user-defined area of the image). ActiveSearch+ includes TRASSIR ActiveSearch module and SIMT intelligent detector.
The script-module for vehicle average speed metering and control on a specific road segment.
TRASSIR Client and Mobile Client is a network workstation to control TRASSIR VMS, to watch live video and video archive. TRASSIR Client is developed for all popular OS: Windows, Mac OS and Linux (TRASSIR OS), as well as for gadgets based on Android and iOS.
This module is designed for central monitoring allowing to monitor server condition and manage servers based TRASSIR OS / Windows. It provides remote operation with archive, live video.
Log of events, search for events and transition to the archive.
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