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Module to control number of cars and time they spent at parking. 2x AutoTRASSIR-30 LPR modules are needed to let this software (in connection with TRASSIR Parking) trace moments when a car is captured by a camera. Based on data received, list of cars entered and left the parking together with exact date and time will be formed. These results will help to send parking tickets for drivers and to know how many cars are parked.

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AutoTRASSIR support license plates of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Taiwan. LPR could recognize license plates for unlimited number of cars captured by camera, on a few lanes including opposite traffic. AutoTRASSIR allow you to trace transit of exact car on screenshots or archive video records. Logging is carried up as well as ierarchical group classification of recognized license plates. Integration with speed measuring devices, complex security systems incl. access control and fire alarm systems is supported.

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