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TRASSIR ActiveSearch

TRASSIR ActiveSearch

Are you tired of spending hours searching archive records? TRASSIR ActiveSearch - a unique technology, part of the basic structure of TRASSIR software — will stop it! Perform instant search in specified area of the frame or select the parameters (incl. optional detector SIMT) without additional load on system. The module works in connection with basic motion detector (general detector) or additional detector of object tracing (SIMT).

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Need find the desired fragment in the archive instantly? TRASSIR ActiveSearch — Quick Search

Smart technology TRASSIR ActiveSearch is basic part of professional TRASSIR shell program and available to all users by default. Interactive search function is designed to work with motion detectors and is ideal for use with Generic Detector or SIMT object tracing detector purchased separately.

TRASSIR ActiveSearch module allows you to navigate the repository of all sizes and find required video data in seconds at no extra load on system. Information on particular fragment location is received from hardware detector by network camera, so searching the entire archive is instantaneous and system resources are almost not used.

To begin the process of selecting relevant events it is sufficient to specify search area or characteristics that will be used for fragments selection: it can be motion speed, exact time, size of object in the frame, and direction of motion (in case of using SIMT-detector).

Advantages of TRASSIR ActiveSearch

  • Maximum increase in speed and efficiency when working with CCTV.
  • Flexible search approach, large number of settings.
  • Simple and intuitive interface that does not require time to study.
  • Ability to specify search area directly in the image.
  • Minimal use of CPU resources.
  • Module included in professional TRASSIR software by default.

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