TRASSIR Heat Maps — intelligent module of "heat" motion analysis (analytics) in control area
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Heat analysis makes it easier to detect quickly moving objects in the range of camera vision. System allows activity analysis and increases safety level in any facility. Dynamic mode helps to monitor current activity, and static mode that accumulates "heat" statistics for the specified period of time available.

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Track activity zones using «smart» “heat” TRASSIR Heat Maps analysis!

The main objective of TRASSIR Heat Maps — progressive technology of «heat» image analysis — is to increase safety level of the controlled facility. Intelligent module operates in two modes — dynamic and static.

Dynamic mode of TRASSIR Heat Maps

The first mode stands for allocation of areas of activity by color scale overlapping on video. Thus, any "moving" object on the screen is highlighted with «warm» tail area: the more activity recorded, the more intense of the color. As the activity in this part of the image reduced, tail area tincture becomes colder until it disappears completely. Using «hot» areas, highlighted in red, operator can easily track all activity on the territory entrusted to him during the recent time.

Static mode of TRASSIR Heat Maps

Static mode «accumulates» activity map highlighting on video «cold» and «hot» areas. Areas where movement detected are highlighted with «heat» lighting. Intelligent function is very popular in video surveillance systems used in retail trade, exhibitions, shops. It provides opportunities for analysis of consumer interest, allows to improve the layout of production or items placement.

Analytical module TRASSIR Heat Maps is a part of professional software TRASSIR by default.

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