Enter TRASSIR Cloud

Welcome to the world of TRASSIR!

TRASSIR is one of the world's leading manufacturers and integrators of digital CCTV systems. The basis of our success is our own development team, continued investment in research and experienced international specialists.

TRASSIR has huge experience in development and implementation of CCTV systems for problems of different scales and huge range of industries including strategically important state facilities. large government agencies, industrial and retail companies, financial institutions, commercial companies, banks and private clients have entrusted us their safety: we have carried out tens of thousands of installations since 2002.

Are you choosing an equipment for video surveillance? You have many reasons for deciding to buy it from TRASSIR

  • We have been working on our professionalism since 2002 developing professional solutions for the most challenging objects and creating complex video surveillance systems.
  • Multiplatform software TRASSIR of our development supports 99.9% of all the cameras of presently known brands.
  • TRASSIR Cloud service provides our customers with the ability to store data on our servers and ensures high-quality automatic self-test. Control of safety systems, timely notification in the event of malfunctions and safety backup settings provided.
  • Professional technical support and regular software updates.
  • Quick delivery from storage area without waiting.
  • Virtually unlimited integration and individual approach to each project.

Serious possibilities for any task and objects

We offer a huge range of Network Video Recorders (NVR) of different channel features and capabilities running under own TRASSIR OS based on Linux, IP-cameras of various types and configurations. In addition, our company understands great importance of development of automatic control technology and intelligent video offering:

  • Own system of ANPR - AutoTRASSIR;
  • System of automatic control of cash transactions - TRASSIR ActivePOS;
  • Various business analytics modules;
  • Advanced technology of object tracking - SIMT;
  • Easy control module for PTZ-cameras - TRASSIR ActiveDome;
  • And many other analytics modules and detectors.

Expert in the field of security

Solutions created by company have won inflexible authority on the world market of CCTV. A variety of powerful plug-ins BI modules enables to carry out supervision under employees, monitor traffic, optimize the performance of the enterprise, identify vulnerabilities and protect business and production processes from potential problems. Multifaceted systems, ergonomics and flexibility in adjusting to the specific conditions allow TRASSIR successfully implement complex projects in the field of security around the world.

Strong after-sales support

What does TRASSIR warranty and service include?

  • Competent technical support and after-sales service.
  • "Lifelong" free software update.
  • Two-year warranty for hardware.
  • Preferential conditions for system upgrade and replacement of faulty equipment.

Every year we confirm our status as one of the key technologies-makers by new developments, complex projects as well as regular receiving of different awards and diplomas from the world's leading exhibitions and by continuous growth of the company. Constantly keeping abreast of the industry development and being on top of innovation we are proud of our achievements and look confidently to the future!