Enter TRASSIR Cloud


TRASSIR Cloud is a professional, safe and reliable cloud video surveillance service (VSaaS) with video record hosting function. Professional TRASSIR Cloud service will help you in any place where you need a high-quality video surveillance system. It can be deployed quickly, reliably and without any capital expenditures.

TRASSIR Cloud is designed

  • To improve the reliability of existing security systems;
  • For early warning of equipment of network malfunctions;
  • For secure storage of video data;
  • To extend the functions of existing security systems;
  • To save the cost of maintenance of integrated security systems.

TRASSIR Cloud features

  1. Watch and record two streams. Recording main and substream are recorded simultaneously what provides archive availability even in low-speed Internet connections. Maximum bandwidth parameters depend on the selected tariff plan.
  2. The possibility to record video from a camera and organize the synchronization of local files with the DVR server and Cloud. The archive copy will remain in the Cloud even if something happens with the hardware.
  3. Convenient applications to run on a choice from a smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop. You can also use a browser.
  4. TRASSIR Cloud Connect is the service based on p2p-technology to maximize easy connection with remote devices.
  5. 5Implementation of online video broadcasts from your TRASSIR TV cameras. Access to the broadcast can be limited by receiving the direct link to this camera.