TRASSIR DuoStation AnyIP 16 - 16-channels IP NVR based on professional TRASSIR OS, connection of any supported IP-cameras
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TRASSIR DuoStation AnyIP 16

TRASSIR DuoStation AnyIP 16
It is ready for use resilient solution (NVR) running under TRASSIR OS (based on Linux). Connection up to 16 IP-cameras (TRASSIR licenses included) of up to 5 megapixel of any supported manufacturer (total stream of up to 512 Mbit/s), installation of up to 4 HDD/SSD 3.5'' of any volume available. DVI-I, VGA, HDMI (2 independent video outputs), RJ-45, USB 2.0 and 3.0. TRASSIR Cloud, TRASSIR Recovery, optional ability to connect additional video analysis modules, free network client, including mobile applications.
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IP Video Recorder TRASSIR DuoStation AnyIP 16 — is a high-tech and at the same time user-friendly solution that is characterized by powerful functionality and maximum fail-safe feature. In case of emergency TRASSIR Recovery will be useful: it will completely restore the system and return to the factory settings.

Features and main characteristics

Up to 16 IP-cameras of any of the supported brands with resolution up to 5 MP each can be connected to NVR. Total stream of all cameras can be up to 512 Mbit/sec.

TRASSIR DuoStation AnyIP 16   is ideal for creation of new and improvement of existing IP-Surveillance systems. A mouse is included in supply.

Interfaces and additional functionality

Device allows connection of up to 4 SSD / HDD 3.5” drives without limitations on size. IP-NVR is provided with: Audio Inputs / Outputs, RJ-45 for power cable, 220 V power connector and USB 2.0 and 3.0.

HDMI in TRASSIR DuoStation AnyIP 16 stands for display of video data of the best quality. In addition, pair of DVI-I video outputs (availability to connect DVI-I VGA adapter) and VGA are provided, 2 independent monitors can be connected to the device (DVI-I+VGA / DVI-I+HDMI / VGA+HDMI).

All buyers of TRASSIR DuoStation AnyIP 16 can free download network clients and mobile applications. Device has the potential to increase functionality with intelligent modules for specific tasks: TRASSIR ActivePOS, TRASSIR PeopleCounter, TRASSIR ActiveDome, TRASSIR ActiveSearch etc.

NVR consumes 200 W, its operating temperatures are in the range of +10 — +30°C, model dimensions are 198 × 208 × 315 mm.

Professional business software TRASSIR and warranty terms

TRASSIR DuoStation AnyIP 16 works in single professional interface TRASSIR OS. The shell is stored on built-in Flash-section, created exclusively for the video surveillance systems and serves to ensure the highest safety. It has maximum protection from network attacks, malware and unqualified operation: immediately after download, user faces professional interface where can choose all settings. Operator has no access to games, social networks, etc.

Each item in TRASSIR OS works to ensure the fundamental reliability and maximum ergonomics. It consists of parallel system of record MultiStor allowing to increase the effective depth of the archive, and «cloud» self-service CCTV systems TRASSIR Cloud with fast connection technology Cloud.Connect. Logical and user-friendly interface allows you quickly understand the system management.

Special attention should be given to built-in functions ActiveSearch (quick online search for the file) and Heat Maps (display of the activity color scale over the picture: object in a frame in motion accompanies color trail that disappears over time).

Open architecture of TRASSIR OS is provided with serious potential for system customization: ranging from the possibility of self-assign of response to selected events to creation of complex multi-tier systems on its base, including integration with ATM, ACS, fire alarm systems, etc.

Competent technical support available for purchasers of IP NVRs TRASSIR DuoStation AnyIP 16 — as well as free access to TRASSIR software and its modules updates: TRASSIR driver-pack, ActivePOS etc. NVR is provided with two-year warranty!

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Type registrar
Supported resolution
All, cat.less than 5 MP
Number of HDD
The number of monitors to display
up to 2
Type of video outputs
Professional TRASSIR
Technology support
TRASSIR ActiveDome, ActivePOS, PeopleCounter
Number of audio channels
Number of video channels