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Attention to important details and a unique range of video technology management, defining the direction of the market make TRASSIR VMS a leader in reliability and ease of working with video.

Openness of TRASSIR VMS is an ability to quickly solve specific problems using the rules and Python scripts.The user can adapt TRASSIR VMS to their own unique challenges.

TRASSIR VMS supports 99,9% IP-cameras with an ability to connect IP-cameras using 3 ways: native integration, integration by ONVIF standard or through RTSP.

Solutions offered by Trassir are leading in all sectors of security: they are responsible for reducing losses, they optimize the work with the help of business analytics, monitor personnel and vehicles. Our versatile TRASSIR VMS system meet the needs of any customer because of its flexibility and ergonomics. It has tens of thousands of installations in the state, commercial and private facilities.

TRASSIR VMS supports analog and IP-cameras of any resolution, providing the user with maximum image quality. Allowing the use of HDD / SSD of any size, TRASSIR VMS has no restrictions on file size and depends on the financial possibilities of the customer. Also TRASSIR VMS is cross-platform system - it has free clients for all popular operating systems Windows, Mac OS, and Linux (TRASSIR OS) and has mobile applications for Android and iOS.