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TRASSIR Intercom

TRASSIR Intercom

TRASSIR Intercom is a module developed to create integrated security systems based on TRASSIR VMS.

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Module allows you to organize multi-level complexes both in the private sector (country houses, mansion, cottage villages, apartment buildings), and commercial sector where it can be easily integrated with office SIP PBX. Interaction between TRASSIR Intercom and office PBX allows you to monitor the telephone conversations of employees with simultaneous imposition of video from surveillance cameras that can be directed to raise the level of discipline, determination of personnel competence and resolution of conflict situations. Any variant of using this module raises security process to a higher level and allows you to use normal ringing panel not only as a call panel but also as full-function surveillance camera with audio in/out. IP video intercom with an internet connection together with TRASSIR VMS and complex based on SIP phones allows you to build a modern security and access control system. Main functions of TRASSIR Intercom include maintaining the call log synchronized with video records of Intercom cameras and other IP based cameras, device status monitoring, archive search of audio/video connections on the caller ID, date and time, call duration, outgoing, incoming and missed calls. Supports SIP devices, including SIP intercoms, SIP mobile apps, wireless IP video intercoms, SIP softphones, office SIP-phone and SIP ATA as well as a multi-architecture TRASSIR CMS. TRASSIR Intercom module allows to implement RTSP-connection of one intercom or SIP user (no video). For video footage it is necessary to purchase TRASSIR Video Intercom license.

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