23 November 2021

A pilot project in partnership with AZLOGICA and TRASSIR

The TRASSIR company grows more each day and continues to get into new foreign markets. Now, in November 2021, we have launched a pilot project in terms of cooperation with partner, AZLOGICA, where we test our system in real conditions - at the Metrokia KIA Motors dealership in Colombia.

Our partner, AZLOGICA www.azlogica.com, is a leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) with more than 13 years of experience and a large network of cooperation with European and American companies. Together we are working to improve the quality indicators at Metrokia KIA Motors. KIA Motors is a company that speaks for itself. It is difficult to find a person today who does not know KIA cars. Reliability and accessibility have become their middle name.

A pilot project in partnership with AZLOGICA and TRASSIR will help Metrokia KIA Motors to go through a digital transformation with the help of many artificial intelligence features, such as:

  • counting visitors detector;
  • face recognition detector;
  • staff’s time of arrival to work detector;
  • counting unique visitors detector;
  • demographic profile of the client detector;
  • heat map of the showroom with cars.

TRASSIR system will also independently collect and send real-time reports for AZLOGICA's scalable infrastructure, which meets ISO27001 standards for information security, and is integrated with KIA systems to create real-time business analytics reports through the Qlick - data visualization tool.

We are confident that our pilot project will provide excellent indicators that will serve as the beginning of the long and strong partnership with KIA Motors not only in the Metrokia dealer center but also with other dealers throughout the country and in the region.

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A pilot project in partnership with AZLOGICA and TRASSIR


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