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Introducing the highly anticipated TRASSIR Ultra 5MP/2MP Series

Get ready to experience the future of surveillance with cameras designed for large-scale systems with optimal performance.

Superior Performance in Challenging Conditions
Designed to excel in difficult lighting and environmental conditions, our newly released cameras feature advanced P-Iris technology, which ensures optimal performance of the network camera in any lighting condition. It allows for clear, high-resolution video with sufficient depth of field by automatically minimizing diffraction and image aberrations. The lens diaphragm adjusts the size of its aperture, thereby controlling the amount of light passing through to achieve proper exposure. Additionally, the aperture size affects the depth of field and image clarity. In situations with constantly changing lighting (such as outdoor surveillance), it is recommended to use a lens with an automatically adjustable diaphragm. Typically, this is a DC-diaphragm. However, it only responds to light levels and does not consider the impact of the aperture on other image quality parameters (such as depth of field). P-Iris technology was developed to address this particular issue.
These cameras are perfect for companies managing critical infrastructure, where the reliability of facial and license plate recognition is crucial. Ideal for large-scale and high-security applications, the TRASSIR Ultra 5 MP/2MP Series is your ultimate solution for modern surveillance needs.
High-security facilities
  • Perfect for environments with heightened security requirements, such as factories, mining operations, and energy companies.
City surveillance
  • New ULTRA cameras would be great for urban monitoring where precision and reliability are highly important.
Key Features
Neural Network Analytics
  • Creation of automated control systems based on advanced analytics
AUTO P-Iris Function
  • Automatic iris control based on scene lighting
High-Sensitivity Sensor
  • Provides high sensitivity and increased frame rate
Audio Capabilities
  • Enhanced audio features
Extensive Peripherals
  • Wide range of peripheral devices
Edge storage
  • MicroSD card slot up to 256GB
5-Year Warranty
  • Reliable long-term performance