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22 September 2023

CASE: TRASSIR provides security for Cengiz Makina Factory

About the project

Renowned for its superior and high-precision products and being one of the leading players of the metal machining industry, Cengiz was incorporated in 1981, Istanbul.

The company gained a reputation for its superior and high-precision products in the machining industry. Since August 2014, Cengiz is a wholly owned subsidiary of the IMPRO Group.

Incorporated in September 1998, IMPRO is a global leading manufacturer of high-precision, high-complexity and mission-critical components for diverse end-markets including aviation, medical, construction equipment, farming equipment, highly-rated engines, hydraulic equipment, recreational boats and vehicles.

A successful TRASSIR project equipped Cengiz Makina, located in Tuzla, Istanbul. It has been implemented together with our partner, LION TECHNOLOGY DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş. 

Project objectives

• To ensure safe operation within the steel processing shops and maintaining the perimeter security using Neuro Detectors.

Project solution

• Neuro Detectors.

Project results

The Neuro Detectors were integrated into the existing cameras at Cengiz Makina, located in Tuzla, Istanbul, and the alarm warning installation was completed in 2023.

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