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21 December 2023

Keep your safety in focus 24/7 with TRASSIR CMS!

CMS is a program that expands the functions of TRASSIR VMS. It is created for monitoring and supervising large video surveillance systems.
TRASSIR CMS can help if your business consists of multiple sites to efficiently and effectively capture the recorded videos of incidents and to conduct the subsequent investigations.

In this article we would like to explain more about this TRASSIR product.
CMS is a private cloud solution for video surveillance. If your business is in multiple locations, you have a need for monitoring video surveillance system status 24/7, or you have more than 15 TRASSIR video surveillance servers, then TRASSIR CMS might be the very right choice for you to reach new heights.

TRASSIR video surveillance system operates smoothly even with 30 000 servers connected to a video surveillance system, and 3 000 concurrent users.

How does it work?
CMS is installed on a dedicated, customer provided server or we can provide a ready-made CMS server. This server connects to other servers, recorders, and surveillance cameras. Besides the professional video surveillance TRASSIR VMS (client and server) GUI, a web interface and mobile version with extra functionality are available to CMS users.

CMS users have access to simplified interface of the web version and mobile application of TRASSIR CMS. They are especially user-friendly and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
The CMS interface functions in addition to the TRASSIR VMS professional video surveillance interface (TRASSIR Client and TRASSIR Server).
CMS clients do not need the TRASSIR NetSync license for duplicating the archive to CMS. Duplicate the video archive from selected cameras to the CMS server. This way you will retain your data even if you lose the recorder with the main archive.

Alarms are immediately displayed in the TRASSIR interface and require confirmation or cancellation from the operator. CMS allows setting up alarms about selected events, for example, about motion in some area, which eliminates the need to permanently monitor the cameras.
Set up instant alarms for certain events, e.g. traffic in a selected area. This will help guards to pinpoint important events and eliminate the need to constantly monitor all cameras.

CMS helps monitor the status of video surveillance equipment, which means you retain important data and repair breakdowns in time.
Check system status online or set up notifications to react to problems instantly. You can generate status reports for any period of time to monitor equipment or to resolve any situation. CMS will help you not to miss the moment of equipment failure, which means you will not lose important data

From the CMS it is easy to manage users, or give them rights and roles. You can enter your corporate user system into CMS via LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). Users will be able to log in to TRASSIR video surveillance software using their regular corporate logins and passwords.
With TRASSIR CMS it is easy to quickly open new locations with video surveillance without having to set up and purchase an entire video surveillance infrastructure.


Cloud Connect functionality allows a large number of users to view the same camera without overloading traffic from the server where the camera is located, disables Internet traffic from a server if that server is not used. This is especially useful in situations with limited internet connections or in other cases where it is necessary to reduce internet traffic.

TRASSIR CMS serves as an indispensable tool for seamlessly managing surveillance. By unifying camera control, video recording, and monitoring under one roof, CMS can dramatically improve surveillance management, as it enhances efficiency, accessibility, and security.

TRASSIR CMS empowers our users to take charge of their surveillance networks with confidence.

For more information about CMS, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help:



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