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1 December 2023

Protect your business with TRASSIR VMS!

A video management system (VMS) orchestrates a surveillance workflow by integrating with cameras, recording systems, storage infrastructure and analytics software, mainly by providing a single interface for video surveillance management. When our customers first get to know TRASSIR and our modules, they usually ask a fair question: what is TRASSIR VMS and how will this VMS benefit my business?
Here on this page, we want all our new clients to get to know TRASSIR VMS better and we are ready to explain you all about it. Let's go!

TRASSIR VMS is a professional video management software for monitoring and managing video surveillance system usually for small and medium-sized businesses. It is commonly used for recording, exporting and viewing video images with multi-threading support. With VMS, you can get convenient remote access using desktop client and not worry about what is happening with your business while you are away.
With TRASSIR VMS you can automatically monitor the health of system components, logs, user actions, so, in case something works not the way it’s supposed to, it will be easy to fix it quickly.
Another benefit is a convenient archive search using basic and advanced video analytics, and also use synchronized viewing.

When you choose TRASSIR VMS, you can count on the following:
•  24/7 archive storage in accordance with the Ministry of Internal Affairs Order No. 1092;  
•  User-friendly and adaptive interface, customizable for tasks Configuring devices, cameras, and video recorders in the TRASSIR interface;
•  Flexible user rights management system;
•  Unique three-ring archive recording technology;
•  Simultaneous video stream recording to 1-4 hard disks;
•  Record, export and view images in multi-thread mode;
•  Send push notifications to email and telegram;
•  Event search.

1. Huge functionality for video surveillance and control of electronic devices
2. Integration with ACS, API;
3. Works with 99% of cameras and servers for video surveillance;
4. Any interface: Desktop interface, Web interface, Mobile app;
5. Works with all major operating systems: Windows, Linux, Astra Linux, IOS, Android;
6. Suitable for any video surveillance system from 1 camera to 175 thousand.


Needless to say, TRASSIR VMS has been used in many TRASSIR projects, such as Mata Automotive Factory located in Tuzla, Istanbul, where TRASSIR VMS was integrated with the existing cameras and the alarm warning installation was completed in 2023. Another great example is the INNOVIA 3 complex located in Esenyurt, where TRASSIR equipped the 95,000 m area with TRASSIR VMS and other solutions throughout the site. 

The 102,000-square-meter Haliç Congress Center, the only center of its kind in Istanbul, also relied on TRASSIR VMS to ensure safety and security. With 16,000 square meters of outdoor space, seating capacity ranging from 219 to 3,004, five state-of-the-art auditoriums, connecting foyer and gallery areas totaling 9,172 square meters, it all required a good CCTV system in place. TRASSIR modules were integrated into the existing cameras at Haliç Congress Center and the project was finished in 2022. It has helped to ensure total control of the area and guarantees absolute safety for residents, visitors and property.

TRASSIR VMS makes it easy to search, review and retrieve video recordings. It also helps you scale your video operations and makes video surveillance accessible. An effective video management system can boost your company’s image and operations and help you reduce costs at the same time.

When choosing a VMS, you should first determine what your business needs are and what is most important to you. For more information about VMS, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help:



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