Almaty international airport

Almaty International Airport is the largest airport in Kazakhstan and the busiest in all of Central Asia. The intensity of flights reaches up to 220 flights per day.

The airport security is a critical field of protecting most vulnerable assets of strategic importance with the management and operating teams are facing new challenges all the time due to the inherently high counter-terrorism requirements.

Objective: To improve the airport’s video surveillance system to meet the counter-terrorism regulations.

Potential solution:

TRASSIR IP – a professional
recording and visualization software.

TRASSIR Face Recognition

TRASSIR Object Left Detector

TRASSIR ActiveDome –
unique high-speed reversing camera
control modules.

— TRASSIR ActiveDome FIX –
extra observation channel modules.

— TRASSIR Client network stations

— TRASSIR NeuroStation units


— The large number of video recorders with video analytics support within a single facility.

— Organization of five network workplaces.

— Wide analytical tools for the security of a full cycle.


— Wide functionality with a constant balance of price and quality.

— Economy on back-end part.

— The deployment of the pilot on the object.

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