INNOVIA 2 residential compound

INNOVIA 2, a scenic premium-class modern residential compound, own infrastructure. Due to its convenient location and level of service, the apartments of the complex are popular among tourists coming to Istanbul.

The “INNOVA 2” luxury compound encompasses residential buildings and a wealth of infrastructure items covering the area of 93k square meters, encompassing play and sports grounds, beauty and coffee shops, supermarkets and swimming pools. The residents enjoy a high level of service that in the modern world is hard to imagine without security services and systems.

To ensure the 24/24 monitoring of the compound areas and the buildings.

— Single hybrid system.
— Improving of the security team’s efficiency due to convenient archiving and retrieval and the capabilities for quickly responding to certain scenarios that are triggered by automated alerts.
— Security staff and equipment respond to specific events without having to constantly monitor the videos streamed from an array of cameras.

Potential solution:

CCTV cameras

Analogue NVRs

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