Multinational Non-woven fabric producer

Single surveillance system based on all of the company’s existing systems for an Middle East global leader in the manufacture of market leading non-woven fabric solutions, supplying 33 countries worldwide from manufacturing sites in, United States, China, and Russia, with 68 outlets and factories all over the globe.

Major businesses with extensive geographical footprint normally need to have a single corporate video surveillance standard so that all of a company’s systems could be controlled from the same control center with the ability to generate video analytics reports from all subsystems in a consolidated way.

To create a single surveillance system based on all of the company’s existing systems and develop a scalable system as the corporate standard.

— Monitoring all the subsystems’ health and availability.
— Visualization capabilities and centralized licensing in place.
— The single authorization point and account details.
— Access to 100% of the surveillance system’s resources.

Potential solution:
— TRASSIR Enterprise IP, a professional software for major distributed video surveillance system.

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