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11 September 2023

CASE: TRASSIR provides security for Çanakkale Martyrs Memorial

About the project

The Battle of Çanakkale, which was among the most critical battles of the 1st World War, started on 18 March 1915 and continued till 9 January 1916. It was at this place the Ottoman soldiers fought a campaign against invading Allied forces, which sought to reach Istanbul.

400 thousand soldiers from England, 500 thousand from the Ottoman Empire, and 125 thousand soldiers from France together with the Anzacs participated in this war, thus, it has a very important place as it prolongs the war and causes a change of power in many countries.

Overlooking Çanakkale (Dardanelles) Strait is wh ere the commemoration ceremonies culminate. The peninsula is teeming with visitors these days: some are students on school trips while others are citizens who travel to the site with tours organized by municipalities. 

A successful TRASSIR project equipped this area with TRASSIR VMS throughout the site. It has been implemented together with our partner, LION TECHNOLOGY DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş. 


Video surveillance in the field

Currently, the main task was securing the property of visitors and staff at The Gallipoli Peninsula.


Project objectives

• The Gallipoli Peninsula was experiencing legal violations and bad behavior, so it became clear that the security needed an upgrade involving the installation of a proper video surveillance system;

• The main task was to provide The Gallipoli Peninsula security staff with visibility over the territory so that they could monitor and control all visitor’s activities and vehicles.


Project solution

•  TRASSIR AnyIP VMS - 300 units;

•  10 Heatmaps;

•  22 License Plate Recognition System and Reporting;

•  40 Person Counting System and Reporting;

•  35 cameras, security of the environment, critical facilities and museums, alarm system and Reporting.


Project results

The Video Management System and analytical software were integrated into hundreds of existing cameras in the Gallipoli Historic Area Presidency peninsula, and the installation of the alarm system was completed in 2023.

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