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2 May 2024

In what areas in Residential Complex can TRASSIR system be used and for what purposes?

The residential complex setup implies security and ease of use. Life in big cities requires that people outside of working hours could spend time calmly, without troubling about the safety of the car in the parking lot, or calmly let the kids go for a walk in a closed playground. For these purposes TRASSIR has modern, effective solutions.

To make one feel at home, it is necessary to have control over access to the territory of the residential property. The first entrance gate is the one to the parking lot. TRASSIR ACS is equipped with the AutoTRASSIR (LPR) module, which is capable of recognizing license plates and check approaching cars on the list of permitted vehicles. The system can be connected to a barrier and, if entry is permitted, provide access.

The residential complex system should be fully visible through cameras. In a parking lot, you can monitor the availability of parking spaces and guide the resident directly to an empty space, thereby reducing the load on the roadway during busy hours. For the building managers it is very convenient to monitor cleaning of the premises and garbage disposal. For parents it is also a great relief knowing that playgrounds are under CCTV surveillance, so they can feel calm being engaged in their own duties while the children are outside.

Security camera solutions are an essential component of a comprehensive apartment building security system and it should be convenient and accessible. If choosing TRASSIR, it is possible to monitor video from cameras via computer or through a mobile application. A desired scenario can be specified in settings and if it is violated, the system will send an alert to security or authorized persons.

A similar system has been implemented and is in operation in Istanbul Acıbadem Kosuyolu Residence (Istanbul, Turkey), Essenora residential complex (Gaziosmanpaşa, Turkey), INNOVIA 3, Tema Istanbul Residential complex and many others.

In Acıbadem Kosuyolu Residence the Neuro Detection (Area Violation) system was chosen as the main solution to solve the safety issues. As for Essenora residential complex – the existing system has been checked and then recomposed with TRASSIR cameras, TRASSIR VMS and AutoTRASSIR (LPR) modules to keep the security at the top level.

We trust residential complexes with the most important things - our lives, our families. The Residential Complex surveillance system means security and ease of use. Confidence in the future depends on how convinced one is that he can work calmly without worrying about one’s family.

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