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1 February 2024

TRASSIR ACS: your key to security.

TRASSIR ACS is a proprietary access control and management system based on the TRASSIR platform and is a part of the eponymous system.
When we mention ACS, we usually refer to providing access to restricted areas of the enterprise.
Access Control security saves you money on locks and personnel. When people used to talk about access control about 30-40 years ago, they usually meant locks and security people to protect the premises.
But we no longer need a security guard for identification and access, as TRASSIR Multi-factor identification technology can accurately and securely verify a person’s identity. The right access control system is the cornerstone of safety, enabling you to manage who enters the premises, when, and how, with visibility to all what’s going on. 

TRASSIR offers a wide range of access control systems to help you protect your assets and create a safer environment for employees and visitors: access control can be customized to your needs, and set up even by temperature, or more traditional photo/video identification.
TRASSIR ACS can help you with two major tasks:

• Creating a control system for territory access at the enterprise: you can keep out anyone without the right credentials therefore keeping the people inside the premises safe, and also help to control & monitor.

• Calculating working time (for offices, construction sites, etc): employees sometimes work different shift times; Access Control system can help with personnel management, meaning they can enter whenever they need to without waiting for someone to unlock the doors or having a door that is always open without security measures.
So not only do you have the ability to offer flexible schedules for employees, but with Access Control you can also check the comings and goings without physically being there.
This can also keep people safe in the event of an emergency, as it is easy to configure flexible reactions to events in the system.

TRASSIR ACS will help:

• Configure a time attendance system and organize calculation of working time using employee biometrics;
• Monitor labor discipline of your own employees as well as personnel provided by contractors and record infractions;
• Simplify the payroll process using the timekeeping system;
• Organize access control and management using any entrance point using any identification method;
• Save on software purchases, as one license of TRASSIR ACS includes the full functionality of the access control system, including the one for calculating working time;
• Create a unified ACS system for all sites/chain of companies with centralized access control from the head office.
TRASSIR has the technology and expertise you need for your access control security: for global and small business, schools and campuses, manufacturing facilities, and for commercial enterprises of all kinds.

Find the solution that is right for you today:

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