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31 January 2024

What are the advantages of using TRASSIR ACS for construction?

It is very difficult to estimate the number of accidents in the construction industry worldwide, as many countries do not have such statistics. However, this information is available for some countries, and after analyzing it, one can unfortunately conclude that the "construction industry" occupies the sad first place in the world in terms of injuries and fatal incidents among all sectors of the economy.

However, there are a number of systems that can significantly reduce the likelihood of such incidents occurring. Convergence, access control system, video surveillance system and video analytics system allow, firstly, to exclude intruders from entering the construction site, and secondly, to prevent those who do not comply with labor and safety regulations, i.e. coming to work under the influence or going to the construction site without protective clothing.

TRASSIR security system and TRASSIR ACS in particular is just such a solution. The capabilities of TRASSIR ACS access control system exclude unauthorized intrusions through arranged access points and allow controlling the number of workers on the site. ACS, video surveillance and video analytics for hard hat recognition in one system facilitate monitoring of security at sites and allow to block access to employees who do not comply with safety rules.

TRASSIR ACS integration with breathalyzer devices makes it possible to monitor employees coming to work in alcohol intoxication. All this significantly reduces the likelihood of accidents at the facilities.

However, TRASSIR ACS in addition to providing security at construction sites brings serious business benefits to construction companies. For example, with the help of TRASSIR ACS it is possible to monitor the labor discipline of staff. Using the TRASSIR Time Attendance System and various identification methods, including two-factor identification based on biometric data, TRASSIR ACS software helps to monitor compliance with work schedules, identify unscrupulous employees and get rid of “ghost employees”. In addition, TRASSIR Access Control System makes it possible to control the expiration dates of employees' work patents.

As a rule, construction companies often engage contractors to perform certain works, and TRASSIR ACS allows to get rid of situations when contractors do not fulfill their obligations to provide qualified workers to construction sites in the numbers agreed.

Another case - at large construction companies with several construction sites, workers are often distributed according to a certain schedule, so there could be situations when today a group of workers works at one construction site, and tomorrow the same group must work at another. What to do in such case? Issuing passes locally at each site every time is quite hard, because of the need to enter data per each employee on the local ACS server. And how to do it remotely? And what if there is no possibility to provide normal connection with the server at the construction site and you have to use a GSM-modem inserted into the router?

TRASSIR has a solution for this issue: TRASSIR ACS Enterprise software. It allows you to unite all local ACS servers into a united access control and time attendance system. It also simplifies system administration without building a private virtual network using TRASSIR Cloud Connect at sites where there is no possibility to organize a normal Internet channel. This increases the fault tolerance of the entire system, facilitates access control from the head office and between construction sites, and allows for consolidated reporting, including time tracking, taking into account the movement of employees between construction sites.

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