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22 February 2024

What are the TOP 5 economic sectors, where TRASSIR ACS is most popular?

TRASSIR ACS is a proprietary access control and management system based on the TRASSIR platform and is a part of the eponymous system.

In order to survive, all sectors of economy are constantly evolving, and new technologies are coming to the rescue. When we mention ACS, we usually refer to providing access to restricted areas of the enterprise, but the use of TRASSIR ACS can be used for much more than just that.

So today we would like to mention what are the 5 economic sectors where TRASSIR ACS is mostly being used and for what purposes.

Hospitals, healthcare sector

In medical institutions, the requirements for compliance with sanitation and hygiene standards are very high. TRASSIR ACS can help track the episodes of prescription drugs theft and correct violations of other rules or failure to carry out the appropriate mandatory procedures.

Installing TRASSIR ACS helps to ensure convenient access to the territory for authorized personnel and restricts entry to unauthorized persons. In addition, the system helps regulate access to certain areas if the passage to them is equipped accordingly.


The construction “industry" occupies the sad first place in the world in terms of injuries and fatal incidents among all sectors of the economy.

To help with this issue, TRASSIR ACS is just such a solution to make a construction site a safer zone. The capabilities of TRASSIR access control system exclude unauthorized intrusions through arranged access points and allow controlling the number of workers on the site. ACS, video surveillance and video analytics for hard hat recognition in one system facilitate monitoring of security at sites and allow to block access to employees who do not comply with the safety rules.

TRASSIR ACS integration with breathalyzer devices makes it possible to monitor employees coming to work in alcohol intoxication.

Also, with the help of TRASSIR ACS it is possible to monitor the staff labor discipline using the TRASSIR Time Attendance System and various identification methods, including two-factor identification based on biometric data.

Commercial property, business centers

Business centers have always kept up with the times, being progressive in terms of comfort and security for the companies located in them and their employees.

TRASSIR offers business centers solutions for convenient access to workplaces. TRASSIR ACS, together with TRASSIR Face Recognition module, makes it possible to solve access problems for specific individuals, while not increasing the number of security personnel.

TRASSIR also offers an improved and convenient time and attendance system. We can implement the flexible and customizable TRASSIR ACS Photo ID widget and the technical service will create an employee card so that the system collects data on arrival and departure times, overtime and absence from the workplace.

Educational institutions, schools.

TRASSIR video surveillance system and TRASSIR ACS do everything to protect our children from negative impact, and create safe environment in educational institutions. First of all, the power of TRASSIR ACS is in protecting educational institutions from intrusion of unauthorized persons - with the help of video surveillance, Facial Recognition systems and photo-ID widget. Another most popular feature of TRASSIR ACS for schools is the system of parental notifications about a child's arrival and departure from school. As soon as a child crosses the access point of an educational institution, a message is sent to the email and phone number associated with the child, usually parents' email or Telegram. TRASSIR ACS can work not only with its own equipment, but also with biometric data recognition terminals of other vendors.

Manufacturing and industry

In manufacturing facilities, it is necessary to create the most reliable security system, which would link together a system of employee access, traffic flows, personnel safety, occupational safety, efficiency control and would be convenient for the end user.

With the help of TRASSIR ACS it is possible to monitor the labor discipline of staff. Using the TRASSIR Time Attendance System and various identification methods, including two-factor identification based on biometric data, TRASSIR ACS software helps to monitor compliance with work schedules, identify unscrupulous employees and get rid of “ghost employees”. 

Thus, TRASSIR ACS provides extensive process optimization for different businesses and economic sectors, helping them provide services at the top level.


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