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29 June 2023

What kind of security system is required for border security?

Border security implies total control over the inviolability of the borders of the territory and the collection and processing of the received data so that the operator or security officer can easily identify a potential threat.

Intrusion detection must be carried out around-the-clock. The human or vehicle intrusions at nighttime are detected by CCTV components. The system processes the intrusion signal and triggers notifications of various types, alarm I/O arming, stroboscope activation, sound warning, etc. It is essential for night work that the cameras transmit the stable picture with good quality for people identification with a minimum number of false positives.

At large facilities or territories, the VMS platform displays the image on multiple monitors. Using the cameras with FTC will be an advantage. At long distances, thermal cameras installed in addition to regular ones will be indispensable. We recommend using PTZ cameras in combination with overview cameras to cover the dead zones of the PTZ cameras.

The cameras or VMS software allows making patrol templates and auto-tracking based on human detection for more efficient tracking in an automatic mode. Using the TRASSIR VMS platform will save operator’s time and act with greater accuracy - the operator interface has alarm templates, pop-ups, sound notifications, etc.

The cameras themselves must be secure. Minimum protection implies IP66 and IK08 levels. It is necessary to provide TVS with grounding for cameras, as well as lightning protection for equipment. In addition, protection mechanisms supported in VMS or/and hardware, such as failover, additional archive storage connecting, hot-swapping, network hardware redundancy, SD-card support for cameras and archive merge on the NVR, etc. must be enabled.

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