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5 October 2023

What kind of security system is required for sport facilities?

Today sports and sports events are very popular all over the world. Sports facilities are public places, so safety during practices and sporting events is high on the list of priorities of organizers and managers.

What are the main tasks that a security system in such places should solve?

In any smart access system, the most important thing is to track potential intruders at the entrance. Here, TRASSIR Neuro Counter and Face Analytics solutions can be used. In combination with TRASSIR ACS, they solve the issues of competent flow distribution, identification of people from the ban list, and people with signs of illness. Later on, these modules accompany guests throughout their stay in the sports facility. They prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas, monitor and keep count of visitor flow.

Data is conveniently stored in the TRASSIR Cloud video surveillance service. The collected information can be used to generate statistical reports about event attendees. Management will get the statistics about visitor activity for the exact period of interest. TRASSIR Neuro Counter intelligent video analytics based on neural networks counts objects, for example cars, bicycles, and people. It makes it possible to count the number of objects crossing a line or a zone. TRASSIR Face Recognition module is designed to perform search for faces in the database and for analysis by gender and age. This data can be used afterwards for security and, for example, for marketing needs.

In crowded places it is very important to respond immediately to ongoing man-made incidents, such as smoke. If this happens in technical rooms where there are no personnel, the warning system will send immediate notification.

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