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29 February 2024

Why TRASSIR ACS? (5 key values seen by our customers and partners)

TRASSIR ACS is a proprietary access control and management system in TRASSIR video surveillance system with no additional integrations or costs that a lot of businesses have already chosen in order to make it more efficient, profitable and safe.

In this article we would like to explain more closely today why our vendors and partners choose TRASSIR ACS again and again: firstly, as a demo or just for one object, and then as they get to know the system – for the whole chain.

Integrated security system
Video surveillance, video signaling, ACS, alarm system, intercom and cloud in a single system reduce the number of integrations for partners and simplify system operation for customers.
Economy and simplicity
TRASSIR ACS does not need a separate server and additional licenses for integration with video.
One license for everything is very convenient, and an intuitive user-friendly interface is easy to use and navigate, also, the system does not need a static "white" IP-address. It also has simple settings for connection via the Internet.
Multivendor ACS
TRASSIR ACS can work not only with TRASSIR equipment, but also with the equipment of other vendors (HikVision, ZKTeco, HiWatch, TrueIP).
The most reliable and convenient solution for geographically distributed facilities
TRASSIR ACS allows you to organize a unified time attendance system and access control at distributed sites with access management and working time control from the head office.
Flexible customization for the client
There is a whole range of tools (Rules, Scripts, Open API) to meet specific requirements for customer’s business.
Openness and flexibility of the development team for customization is what TRASSIR initially chose to develop as a way to always be ahead and differ from other brands.
We are happy to provide TRASSIR equipment and TRASSIR ACS software demo versions for testing to anyone interested. It's free, including shipping the equipment to your office anywhere in the world.

Get in touch to order a free demo today:

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