Transport and storage

Hundreds of employees move tens of thousands of goods every hour in large warehouses. All processes have to be monitored - from distributing new consignments to storage locations to shipping orders to the customers. Also, employee and customer access to certain areas of the warehouse must be carefully managed.

Regular security demands for transportation and storage

Constant monitoring of goods

It is vital to track all movements of goods and monitor all operations, such as distributing goods to storage locations, collecting orders and shipping them to customers. At each stage, the location of the goods and the person in charge of moving them should be known. A device capable of tracking goods can be of great help in the warehouse. Workers should be able to easily distinguish between types of goods and find them in the data archive.

Site security and occupational safety

In case of direct damage to goods or staff errors leading to material losses, the time of the incident and the person responsible should be quickly established. Transport is a critical infrastructure. Each vehicle that moves around the warehouse should be monitored. This concerns both the customers' cars and the company’s vehicles. In case of an accident, it ought to be easy to establish the chain of events. Employee personal protective equipment is often essential to preserving their health. Manually checking whether employees are wearing work clothes or helmets can be quite challenging.

Fire prevention

Fire safety is of utmost importance for any warehouse. Business owners are responsible for ensuring that the workplace meets all required fire safety standards. There are many reasons why a fire may occur, and not all of them are easily predictable. In the right conditions, flames and smoke can spread rapidly and cause considerable damage. The fire is hazardous to the building itself and staff. It is vital to set up a fire protection system in the warehouse or logistics center.

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Try TRASSIR For Your Business

Learn more about how TRASSIR analytic modules work! Demo mode is an opportunity to see with yourself how the system works, and also check the interface and test all functions.

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