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The smart module enables synchronising POS events with the video stream: POS events are sent to ActivePOS and go through a checklist based on given parameters, in case of violation of which an incident is generated (a violation alert with a short video) and displayed to the operator for checking. The module also facilitates efficient conflict resolution with customers.

The module employs a system of violation detectors based on many years of experience and consultations with leading retail experts, as a result of which ActivePOS independently monitors possible cashier violations and, if detected, immediately alerts the operator.

Key features:

  • Automatic detection of alarm incidents at the checkout
  • A single interface for handling multiple retail outlets
  • Lots of interactive reports and built-in violation detectors
  • Supporting the most popular POS systems on the market
  • Flexible filter options and event sorting
  • A simple constructor for creating tailored rules

Basic goals:

  • Reducing losses due to errors and/or offences committed by staff (cashiers/tellers)
  • Speeding up investigation of financial losses severalfold
  • Building an evidence base when staff (cashiers/tellers) are found at fault
  • Constructive and swift resolution of conflicts with customers at the checkout
  • Speeding up customer service in case some items on the receipt are cancelled
  • Convenient and quick search for POS events in the video archive by product, operation, cashier etc
  • Improving operational efficiency when investigating incidents

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