The intelligent module for monitoring cash and banking operations, weighing and calculating machines is a reliable and highly effective tool for automatic and manual detection and prevention of personnel fraud and shoppers theft in real time and offline.


  • Centralized analytics over the network from multiple servers;
  • Automatic detection of alarming incidents at the checkout;
  • Lots of interactive reports and built-in detectors of violations;
  • Support for most cash register systems on the market;
  • Ergonomic event analytics interface;
  • Default alarming event coloring.

The module implements a system of detectors of violations, based on many years of experience and consultations with leading experts in the field of trade, as a result of which ActivePOS independently monitors possible violations in the work of the cashier and, if detected, immediately notifies the operator. The detectors are created in the form of plug-in scripts, which allows them to be adapted to the conditions of a particular object. Data on suspicious incidents and confirmation of uncleanness of employees, along with a dozen unique reports, are provided to analysts and can be verified by manual event search, which in total guarantees full control over the situation.

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