Residential complex DAP YAPI

“DAP YAPI” is an innovative premium residential complex that provides its residents with a high level of service and security, as well as well-developed internal infrastructure.

Amid the intense competition dominating the residential real estate market, the developers are all the more compelled to create added value for customers.

Unconventional design solutions integrating comprehensive infrastructure packages combined with a high standard of service have long ago become an inherent must for premium residential developments. Over the recent years, this ‘musts’ list has included the customers’ steadily growing need for security.

Project description:

To achieve the customers goals,

we installed a 24/7 CCTV system covering all the recreational, common, and garden areas.

IP cameras form a single VMS TRASSIR-based system, streaming the data to the compound’s central control room, and the image is displayed on the video wall so the security team can respond fast to any incidents like spotting strangers, trespassers or non-permitted vehicles or other situations needing a response.


To keep the property secure on a 24/24 basis by using a CCTV system.

Potential solution:




By applying automated CCTV technology to solve routine tasks, we were able not only to make the property really safe for its residents, but also helped make the security services become appreciably more effective. 

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