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8 April 2024

TRASSIR is selected to secure Dijital Deneyim Müzesi in Istanbul

About the project
The museum was opened in early 2024, implemented by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Culture Inc. It offers visitors unique experience rooms in a vast area of 2000 m². These rooms are special areas where technology and art come together in the most impressive way, taking guests on a journey, filled with interactive experiences. There is a 70-square-meter space called Augmented Reality Room, making visitors feel as though they are inside an illusion, Digital Room, equipped with innovative technologies such as interactive screens, sensors activated mechanisms, projection systems, and many more. Such places can usually witness heavy crowds, and CCTV cameras can help monitor these crowds’ movements, identify potential hazards and detect unusual behavior in and around the museum. TRASSIR has implemented the project for Dijital Deneyim Müzesi together with our partner, Karadağ Group.

Video surveillance in the field
The main objective of the project was to implement smart solutions based on neuroanalytics. Using TRASSIR solutions, the museum plans to use various video analytics modules to provide better security for guests, as well as to collect statistics on the number of visitors in different rooms.

Project objectives
•  Ensuring safety within the building and maintaining the perimeter security;
•  Implementing a surveillance system to guarantee the absolute safety of the guests and the equipment from theft and vandalism;
•  Reducing the duties of the security service covering the whole perimeter of the museum;
•  Providing deep archive for clear evidence that can help accelerate the investigation process.

Project solution
It was decided to use VMS and various analytics modules developed by TRASSIR, which are becoming increasingly popular in Turkey due to their high performance, detection accuracy, wide functionality and ease of customization.

•  NeuroStation 8800R/160-A8-S - 1 pcs;
•  AnyIP - 80 pcs;
•  NeuroCounter - 26 pcs;
•  TRASSIR ActiveSearch

Project results
The main advantage of TRASSIR is that you can use any brand of cameras and thus reduce costs for the client when implementing video analytic solutions. We are planning to expand the solutions to similar museums in other cities in Turkey. 

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