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25 January 2024

What are the advantages of using TRASSIR ACS for retail?

The COVID-19 pandemic that swept across the world has had a significant impact on retail. Online shopping received a significant boost in development as people were forced to "get used" to shopping online. And they loved it. This factor had a serious impact on the business of offline stores. In the current realities, offline retail businesses have to be much more efficient than in the past years as they face the challenges of remaining competitive compared to online retail. Assortment, display, design of retail spaces - all of this must be top-notch in order for an offline store to compete with e-commerce marketplaces and online retailers. But one of the most important ingredients of a modern store success, as well as 100 years ago, is the sales staff.

Unfortunately, store employees do not always treat their duties scrupulously. They tend to avoid working in the sales areas, preferring to rest in the store back rooms, having long breaks in smoking areas and doing any other activities in order to avoid their actual job duties. There are cases when store employees arrange with the store manager or other employees to be absent from the workplace when it is their shift, asking that colleagues mark the absence as present. And even the system of timekeeping using employee cards installed in the store does not prevent such stories. Those cards can be lost, damaged or passed to someone else.

TRASSIR ACS eliminates situations of such fraud on employees’ side. All kinds of identification methods, including biometric data recognition devices (faces, fingerprints), help to avoid cheating on sales personnel timekeeping system, such as applying cards to the terminal for their colleagues who are absent from the workplace. Flexible customizable reports and notifications of personnel passing through access points allow to control the number of staff in the sales areas and in the back rooms, and therefore control compliance with the labor regulations rules.

TRASSIR ACS is a part of the TRASSIR security system that can work in conjunction with video surveillance and video analytics. This can significantly reduce the cost of integration, i.e. combining different systems into one, and simplify the operation of these systems in the future. This seamless bundling into a single window makes it much easier to investigate incidents and easily and quickly customize the various personnel control rules required by the business.

For example, with the help of Face Recognition and Staff Tracker system it is possible to organize control over presence or absence time of a salesman behind the counter or in a certain trading area. With the help of video surveillance system and TRASSIR ACSyou can search for video confirmation of passes through certain access points. The wide functionality of TRASSIR ACS, such as creation of flexible work schedules, a system of accounting for deviations from work schedules, reports with the possibility of creating templates and sending them periodically by e-mail, notifications of entry/exit from certain zones, and many others, bring significant business benefits to TRASSIR ACS customers and provide an opportunity to improve business processes in retail. Our clients tell us about cases when after the implementation of TRASSIR ACS they optimized personnel costs by 5-10%, and someone bitterly stated that they were forced to replace up to 30% of the personnel who did not comply with the rules of labor regulations.

If there are several stores or a whole chain of stores, TRASSIR ACS has a solution - the corporate version of TRASSIR ACS Enterprise. This is a specialized software that allows you to build a unified system of access control and time tracking for all stores of a retail chain. From a structural point of view, the solution integrates servers installed in stores into a single system, and simplifies administration without building a private virtual network using TRASSIR Cloud Connect. This solution increases fault tolerance of the entire system, facilitates access control from the head office and between stores, and enables consolidated end-to-end reporting, including time tracking across the entire retail network.

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