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18 January 2024

What are the advantages of using TRASSIR ACS in business centers?

The changing world does not allow business to stand still. In order to survive, the sector must constantly evolve, and new technologies are coming to the rescue. Business centers have always kept up with the times, being progressive in terms of comfort and security for the companies located in them and their employees.

TRASSIR offers business centers solutions for convenient access to workplaces. TRASSIR ACS, together with TRASSIR Face Recognition module, makes it possible to solve access problems only for specific individuals, while not increasing the number of security personnel and reducing the possibility of the "human factor" to zero.

For a specific employer, TRASSIR also offers an improved and convenient time and attendance system. The company can implement the flexible and customizable TRASSIR ACS Photo ID widget and the technical service will create an employee card so that the system collects data on arrival and departure times, overtime and absence from the workplace. Any deviation from the planned schedule will be reported to the person in charge. Human resource management will become more convenient and accurate by collecting this data. The collection of data and its incorporation into schedules will help the accounting department to calculate wages, especially if there is a shift or night work regime with different coefficients. 

A secure space is also ensured by the ability to control the perimeter with cameras connected to TRASSIR Face Recognition module, preventing unauthorized employees from entering restricted areas of the business center. The proven TRASSIR Neuro Left Object Detector module solves the problem of lost or deliberately left objects. TRASSIR Fire & Smoke Detector allows you to detect the appearance of smoke and alert the appropriate service much faster than a person can sometimes do. 

TRASSIR provides solutions that help business centers function without spending extra time on routine operations, allowing employees and management to focus on more important things that only people can do. 

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