TRASSIR Face Recognition


TRASSIR Face Recognition

The face recognition module consists of FaceSDK to compare faces and Face Search to search for faces in the database.


  • Human Face Detection: Find and highlight a face in the camera image. Face detection from any angle, including profiles
  • Face identification and quality assessment: comparing identified faces with photos in the database and determining the degree of match.
  • Recognition of certain attributes of a person's appearance:  hair color, glasses, headwear, etc. and search by these parameters.
  • Recognition of photographs being used in the frame: comparison of various characteristics of a face with a static image to prevent deception.
  • Search in the archive by face.
  • Integration into ACS.

In access control mode, the order of operations changes: the result is not immediately submitted for comparison with persons in the database, but within a certain time (a specified period of optimal quality), incoming data is checked against existing versions and replaced with better ones - better information is used for recognition. However, this does not mean that the result is sent at the end of tracking - recording to the database and the generation of the Face Recognized event occur immediately.

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