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18 April 2023

What kind of security system is necessary for banking?

Today we face complications in the world's economic sphere, which makes it especially important for people to have security assurances. People choose banking institutions that can guarantee the safety of their funds and their personal security in the branch. Banks simply do not have the right to lag behind on the innovations in the field of security technologies.

TRASSIR places an emphasis on developments in the banking sphere. A security system for banking should cover at minimum 3 main areas: visitor security, control and optimization of employee labor, and analytics in the field of marketing. All 3 categories are so closely intertwined that each new idea in one area inevitably entails a development of overlapping processes in another.

Visitor safety necessarily implies controlling the presence of suspicious persons in the branch and ATM areas. This function is served by Pose Detector. The module identifies potential violations by detecting suspicious poses by visitors, for example, standing near the ATMs for a suspiciously long time. It is also very important to avoid crowds in departments and certain other areas. This is where Queue Detector and Crowd Detector come to the rescue by tracking the number of visitors and distributing their flow.

The same systems are aimed at optimizing staff operation and helping control premise occupancy. Heat Maps provides an analysis of visitors’ behavior by using thermal cards. It distributes flows but also aids in planning out the optimal design for premises when designing future bank branches.

Staff Tracker systems allow you to track violations among the staff, avoid wasting time when serving visitors, and optimize visitor flows to raise customer contentment. Face Analytics is developed for detection by recognizing faces, gender, age and other visitor characteristics. It also helps successfully cope with marketing tasks, since the automated collection and analysis of information can provide the bank's management with conclusions about changing the system of providing services.

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