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1 June 2023

What kind of security system is required for airports?

Traveling by air today is the easiest and fastest way to get to any destination. However, transport hubs should always remain the area of scrupulous attention of the security services. Tourists and people who use the plane for business trip must by completely confident that the airport is a zero-risk environment for them and their families.

TRASSIR security system for airport equips premises with Face Recognition, which has one of the highest precision on the market, even on lower mpx. It is vital for the security system to control the incoming stream and determine its composition according to many criteria. This data will serve not only security but also marketing purposes, as the system also monitors the behavior of shoppers and can prevent undesirable behavior.

Compiling a Heat Maps in shops, restaurants and other areas of the airport helps to identify the loading of areas at certain hours, prevent queueing and crowding situation, and also help management optimize staff performance.

If one got in a difficult situation - lost consciousness, is in a state of intoxication, was attacked – there is a Pose Detector module, which is able to identify such a person and notify the airport team. Neuro Left Object Detector informs the security team of objects left unattended for a certain time, which also allows the staff to react quickly and to prevent dangerous situations, to take more accurate targeted actions to eliminate false alarms. Direction Detector module is very important for preventing of entry into prohibited areas of the airport, which is also very important for families with small children.

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