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23 May 2024

What Kind of Security System Is Required for Industrial Agriculture?

TRASSIR is actively developing its solutions to help farmers effectively solve their tasks in security and safety area. And to achieve this goal, the company's specialists use the most advanced technologies and intelligent video analytics based on neural networks.
Having vast experience in creating complex software products for various industries, TRASSIR specialists have successfully adapted this experience for use in agro-industrial enterprises.
In this article we would like to tell you more about all the advantages of using smart video analytics in the agricultural sector.

TRASSIR video surveillance systems help to solve the main task - to reduce risks and costs for agrarians.

TRASSIR solutions allow to:
•  Prevent theft of products, equipment, spare parts, raw materials;
•  Automate the functions of control and signaling of incidents;
•  Prevent fires on the premises;
•  Monitor labor productivity and discipline;
•  Achieve significant savings of the payroll by optimizing the staff of controlling employees;
•  Implement perimeter control.

For example, the TRASSIR Bag Counter analytics module allows you to count similar objects moving along the conveyor belt. This enables accurate counting of products, preventing theft and shipping errors.

The TRASSIR Active Stock module allows you to quickly resolve disputable situations in the warehouse, quickly search for incidents by events and determine the responsibility for the goods.
AutoTRASSIR (LPR) module for automatic recognition of vehicles’ license plates allows you to monitor, predict and, if necessary, increase the throughput capacity of checkpoints and to automatically record the time of entry and exit of cars to and from the premises.

The TRASSIR Face Recognition module is used to recognize and search for people using a pre-configured database of faces. It allows you to accurately identify employees by their faces and automatically check a person against pre-defined "banned" and "white" lists.

TRASSIR's intelligent analysis modules are most effective when used in combination.
One of the most interesting tasks we solved for our client was to create a system for video recording of agricultural operations on machinery for one of the largest agricultural farms in Russia.

Every year a large number of agricultural machines are sent to the fields for harvesting. However, during the three months of work in the fields, it is impossible to control all stages of operations, which has led to cases of seed and crop theft.

To solve this problem, we offered to equip the machines with special servers and cameras to ensure that they recorded the events according to their requirements. We also used the TRASSIR Sabotage Detector analysis module on the cameras to prevent tampering. Our solution also included the ability to connect the device via Wi-Fi to quickly upload video images from the archive in case the equipment needed to be checked.

Another interesting project was to solve the problem of ensuring rapid response and extinction of fire outbreaks in the early stages. Prevention and avoidance of uncontrolled fires caused by campfires in unauthorized areas. Our company has created a network of 84 video cameras installed at base stations and linked to a map. When a video camera detects a fire, information is sent to the operator's workstation in the form of an overview map with a coordinate grid and the location of the fire on it.

As a result of the project, there have been no major fires and all dangerous situations have been quickly resolved.

Thus, the implementation of modern video surveillance systems in agro-industrial enterprises allows you to solve a number of customer problems, maximize profits and protect your business.

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