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8 December 2023

What kind of security system is required for private villas?

Today people can choose whether to live in a bustling metropolis, a quiet province, or organize their own piece of paradise according to their own taste. At the same time, wealthy citizens and businessmen are accustomed to a certain level of service and security. By choosing to live in a private villa, they rightfully expect that their lives will run smoothly in safe conditions and they will not have to devote too much time and attention to this issue at the same time. 

TRASSIR has many years of experience in solving security issues for residents. For example, the best access control solution for private villas territory is an automatic access system TRASSIR ACS

Approaching cars are identified by AutoTRASSIR (LPR) - an intelligent module connected to the database for recognizing car license plates. White-listed vehicles gain access using an automatic barrier opener. With the help of TRASSIR ACS system, residents and staff gain access through the TRASSIR Face Recognition module. Comfort on the perimeter is ensured by 24/7 video surveillance monitoring in any weather.

It is very important that residents feel protected at any time of the day in any circumstances. Access to the video monitoring system is simple and can be done via a laptop or mobile app. The security service or the owners of the villa receive automatic notification in the event of a disturbance or unauthorized entry to the territory. Also, cases of unauthorized access are recorded for subsequent processing. TRASSIR Fire & Smoke Detector can also be implemented for rapid response in cases of fire or smoke. If necessary, episodes can be easily found in the archive of recordings using the intelligent Video analytics search system. This helps to investigate incidents and prevent reoccurrence of illegal acts. 

 As a result, residents of private villas can rest assured that TRASSIR solutions will protect them, their families and their property.

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