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11 April 2024

What security system is required for oil and gas industry?

Oil and natural gas are major industries in the energy market and play an influential role in the global economy as the world's primary fuel sources. This industry is a high-risk sphere and must be organized with particular care and attention to safety measures.

The first step is to restrict access of unwanted persons and vehicles to the territory. Here the TRASSIR ACS system with the AutoTRASSIR module is irreplaceable. Thanks to AutoTRASSIR (LPR) module it is possible to recognize each vehicles’ license plate, identificate and compare them with the list of the cars that have the access to the territory.

The entire perimeter is monitored by cameras; if an alarming situation occurs or a situation goes beyond the desired scenario, the system transmits an alert to security or an authorized person. Notifications can be received immediately in the system interface or via SMS, email, or telegram. The authorized employees also have the opportunity to monitor the situation on the perimeter through a mobile application.

This makes it possible to track the unwanted situations more accurately and reduce the number of security personnel. It also becomes possible to prevent incidents related to illegal entry, theft, and violation of the enterprise regime. If an incident has taken place, you can easily access the video, which will help a quick and objective investigation of the situation.

A similar system successfully works at The Terminales y Logística Portuaria SA (TLP), which offers transportation, receipt, storage and offloading of petroleum, alcohol and vegetable oil in Paraguay. With the help of the systems installed by TRASSIR, it was possible to significantly increase the safety of this enterprise.  

TRASSIR copes well with modern challenges, including in complex technological areas, and offers proven and sustainable solutions. Combined with AI-based TRASSIR video management system, energy production companies can detect and prevent threats with real-time alerts and meet regulatory requirements for safety, using advanced video analytics.  

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