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23 November 2023

CASE: TRASSIR provides security for Haliç Congress Center

About the project

The 102,000-square meter Haliç Congress Center hosts events that are worthy of the brand value of Istanbul, the fastest developing and most preferred destination in recent years hosting a wide range of events, such as congresses, meetings, fairs, exhibitions, gala dinners, culture and art events. Haliç Congress Center has opened its doors with the 5th World Water Forum in 2009.

The only center of its kind on the shores of Istanbul, Haliç Congress Center brings aesthetics, flexibility and color to events with its completely sun-lit and spacious galleries. It boasts 16,000 square meters of outdoor area, a seating capacity ranging from 219 to 3,004 people, five state-of-the-art auditoriums, connecting foyer and gallery areas totaling 9,172 square meters.

Project objectives

•  To ensure safe operation within the steel processing shops and maintaining the perimeter security using Face Recognition;
•  Implement a surveillance system to guarantee the absolute safety of visitors and the property;
•  Reduce the staff and the duties of the security service;
•  Provide access control to the checkpoints;
•  Create a deep archive that stores the evidence base for the investigation of criminal or controversial situations.

Project solution

•  25 Neuro Detectors;
•  6 AutoTRASSIR (LPR);  
•  10 Neuro Counters;
•  NeuroStation 8800R/128 INT.

Project results

TRASSIR modules were integrated into the existing cameras at the Haliç Congress Center, and the alarm warning installation was completed in 2022. It helped to ensure a total control over the territory and guarantees the absolute safety to residents, visitors and property. The whole system itself is scalable and has some self-diagnostic capacity of malfunctions for prompt fixing.

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