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28 March 2024

What kind of security system is required for small businesses such as dentistries?

It is very important for visitors of small organizations such as dentistries to feel safe and comfortable while they undergo medical procedures. TRASSIR offers a set of solutions for such organizations; these solutions can solve a wide range of problems with minimal expenditure of money and effort.

Installing TRASSIR ACS helps ensure convenient access to the territory for authorized personnel and restricts entry to unauthorized persons, including those who are blacklisted. In addition, the system helps regulate access to certain areas like a staff room for customers’ safety and staff’s privacy.

TRASSIR Face Recognition module does not only assists in allowing personnel to enter the territory, it can also transmit information and save it in the database, on the company server or on the TRASSIR Cloud server. This information can be analyzed according to a number of indicators that may be important for the further improvement of work ethics. For example, absence from work, constant lateness, conflicts with colleagues or clients. TRASSIR Workplace Detector can help in payroll calculation based on actual time worked. In this way, the dentistry manager can save time and use it for business development.

Since dentistry is a medical institution, the requirements for compliance with sanitation and hygiene standards are very high. TRASSIR ACS can also help track episodes of violation of these rules or failure to carry out the appropriate mandatory procedures. For example, Face Mask Detector allows one to monitor compliance with epidemiological requirements. Wear Detector module can help find out violation of the requirement to wear a uniform.

With ActivePOS it is easy to pay special attention to the cash register area and money transactions. TRASSIR module can monitor operations and, in case of violation of a predetermined desired scenario, sends an alert to an authorized employee.

TRASSIR provides extensive process optimization capabilities even for small businesses, helping them provide services at the top level.

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