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TRASSIR Theft Prevention


TRASSIR Theft Prevention is a shoplifting prevention module.

TRASSIR Theft Prevention is designed to prevent theft on the shop floor by identifying thieves using face recognition technology (includes the TRASSIR Face Recognition module). The module has a single web interface for managing a fraudster database for a chain of stores, saves video evidence of incidents and calculates losses for each case of theft.

How it works:

  • Based on recorded incidents of theft, the operator adds the thief's face to a special list, detailing information about the stolen goods and the amount of the loss.
  • The next time the thief visits the store, staff will receive an alarm notification with a photograph of the thief and information about previous thefts.

The module helps cut losses from shoplifting by up to 75%.

The stated price is for one video channel. When looking to buy several licences at the same time, check the cost with the company's management.

 Key features:

  • Reducing the number of thefts by up to 75%
  • Recognition of faces and other physical characteristics
  • Easy search and unloading of the evidence base
  • Quick alerts
  • Accessibility of the database of thieves for all outlets
  • Use of offload analytics

Basic goals:

  • Minimising shoplifting
  • Preventing repeated thefts
  • Collecting a database of thieves for the entire chain stores
  • Notifying staff of breaches

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