Video analytics and IP camera technology firstly were adopted in the retail aiming to avoid or lower the losses from shoplifting and fraud. It cause retailers’ huge financial losses, they can be up to 1.42% of all income. A great part of these losses are associated with staff: cashiers, salespeople and others.

Regular security needs for retai

Security and loss prevention

Implementing of a retail surveillance system with remote access can help to deter theft and catch shoplifting real-time. Retail video analytics can help loss prevention teams get more out of their limited manpower and budget by focusing on anomalies that indicate deviations from settled protocols, internal shrink, shoplifting or fraudulent activities. Complex use of video cameras and analytical modules remarkably reduces losses at the checkout. The module monitors cashier transactions and points out suspicious actions. Then the system automatically alerts the person in charge.

Optimizing business operations.

A store equipped with a 360° ceiling-mounted camera, with a clear line of sight to every corner and video analytics on board, can generate valuable data. It helps to avoid long queues and optimize the cashier's work. Using the object recognition program, the module determines number of people in the queue. If the number exceeds the specified value, the manager receives a notification activate one more cash register. Video analytics helps to understand reasons for patterns and peaks in store traffic, allowing you to react in a timely manner to increasing of buyers’ flow. It is also important to have remote access to staff work when selling.

Improving marketing strategies

Video analytic applications can optimize marketing strategies by analyzing customer behavior and providing actionable insights to retail management. The layout of a store or supermarket is quite an important factor for successful business. Knowing how customers typically move around a store and how much time they spend in specific departments can help to optimize product placement to raise sales.You can evaluate advertising strategies by defining trends in customer’s interaction with a product - plan more effective promotions, special offers and discounts. The data obtained through video analytics can be used to improve interaction with different demographic groups to expand the customer base.

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Try TRASSIR For Your Business

Learn more about how TRASSIR analytic modules work! Demo mode is an opportunity to see with yourself how the system works, and also check the interface and test all functions.

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