TRASSIR Workplace Detector


TRASSIR Workplace Detector
Neural network intelligent module that works only on TRASSIR Neuro Station series video recorders. Supports Offload analytics.

TRASSIR Workplace Detector is designed to monitor and track employees' working time.

How it works:

  • The person in charge sets the necessary parameters for the module's work: the area of ​​the working area, the schedule of employees, the permissible time of absence of an employee at the workplace.
  • A camera with a connected module is installed in an office or other work area.
  • The module generates a notification and sends a message to the person in charge if the employee is late, left earlier or has been absent from the workplace for more than the prescribed time.
  • The module daily generates reports on the actual time of stay and absence of an employee on site, sends reports by mail to the person in charge.

The functionality can be expanded by connecting additional scripts.

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